Why Bouncyband Products Work

A Bouncyband is an active learning tool which enables greater focus and concentration. Two patented tubes quickly attach to school chair or desk legs and a thick tension band stretches between making a discreet footrest.

Students bounce their feet on the Bouncyband releasing excess energy without disturbing their classmates. This gentle motion relieves anxiety, stress, and boredom.  Why should students sit uncomfortably still for hours when they can utilize pent-up and nervous energy to:

  • Stimulate the whole brain to enable what is known as “active learning”
  • Improve focus
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improve memory by engaging more senses in experiences

Using a Bouncyband doesn’t disrupt other students. Educators and parents have experienced the success their students have had with the Bouncyband, which has proven by an independent Clemson University Study to be effective and improve behavior in the classroom. 

The mental motivation you or a child can enjoy with a Bouncyband is actually based on the Yerkes-Dodson Law of psychology.  Studies show that when people engage more of their senses in experience, they remember it better. With a Bouncyband, the whole body is engaged, so more of the senses are.

A Bouncyband really is an effective way to transform excess or nervous energy into mental achievement, as well as a healthy workout, and to inspire a tired mind with stimulating movement.