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“Bouncybands are such amazing products that I use with many of my students. They have a large variety of options for each student's individual needs. Their products are incredibly durable and last for years! I love how inventive some of the products are such as their Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet and the Sit & Twist seat. Their chair and desk Bouncybands will not slide or break making them safer than resistance bands. I cannot express how amazing this company's products are."

- Elizabeth N, School Social Worker

What Educators are saying...

“These products promote movement & assist with attention and focus while doing work.” - Amanda G, Occupational Therapist

“Bouncybands have been so helpful for my students.” - Jordan, Elementary Teacher

“I love that they help kids get their wiggles out!” - Amy W, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

“I LOVE all of their products!” - Janessa K, Elementary Teacher

Sarah S, Middle School Teacher

"When transitioning from elementary to middle school, students lose access to things like recess that traditionally allow them to burn off energy and move their bodies throughout the day. As a middle school teacher, I love that Bouncy Bands products provide much-needed movement within the classroom to help students stay focused. From wobble seats to bands, my middle schoolers love that I provide them with flexible options to meet their sensory needs, which in turn improves their ability to learn. I am a forever fan!”

Amanda G, Occupational Therapist

"The sit and twist is a brilliant flexible seating option that allows any chair to be altered to get movement in. Recently I have been trying it with students and I’ve had great success! It’s a great addition to the many flexible seating options out there to promote movement while assisting with attention and focus while doing work. Personally, I also enjoy using it to my own benefit when completing paperwork!"

Jessie K, Parent

"We have been using bouncyband products in our home for years and the quality can’t be beat. We take the wobble seat with us on the go, use our rocker and wobble board everyday, and love having products that not only support my son’s sensory needs, but are built to last! We’ll be customers for life!"

"My high energy 6 year olds have been using the sit and twist seat cushion during homework and it’s been a game changer. It allows them to get some movement and wiggles but still stay present at the table, making homework time so much smoother."
Julie G, OT & stay at home mom
"Bouncyband’s wiggle seats have worked so well for my students! I work with many children who are sensory seekers and kids who have an excess of energy to expend. The wiggle seats and flick sticks are great tools to keep my kids focused and make the most of our short time together."
"Overall, Bouncybands have proven to be valuable tools in enhancing the learning experience that I want my fourth graders to experience. They support students' physical, cognitive, and emotional needs, leading to a more dynamic and effective educational environment."
Ashley Rosencrance, 4th grade teacher
"As a dedicated speech and language teacher working with pre-K to 5th grade students, I have a deep appreciation for Bouncybands and their innovative products, like the sensory wiggle seats and no-roll balance balls, which offer practical and effective solutions. These tools not only enhance concentration but also promote better posture and reduce anxiety, making a significant difference in our students' daily learning experiences. "
Alyssa Rogers, speech & language clinician
"It is SO wonderful to watch kids be able to sit and get their wiggles out without distracting themselves or anyone around them. I knew I wanted to get bouncybands for not only my learning support classroom, but also in my kiddos general education classrooms so they are supported throughout their day. I love Donors Choose for big projects like this - it is such a wonderful way for me to help the amazing students I teach."
Brittany Shoup, special education teacher
I love Bouncyband products! I have several for my daughter, and they have been fantastic. Additionally, as a consultant in accessibility and assistive technology, I’ve found your products to be incredibly helpful for my clients, offering flexible seating options that really make a difference.
Yolanda S, Health Educator & accessibilityconsultant

Principal Approved!

"A third grade teacher at our school hosted a persuasive writing unit, where her students wrote a speech to convince us to purchase flexible seating for their classroom.

We were able to fund this project with help from Bouncyband and make these students' dreams a reality! It's been a joy watching the kids enjoy their new, alternative seating options. We love Bouncyband products!"

- Jonathan K, Administrator