Which Bouncyband is right for me, chairs or desks?

Bouncybands for Elementary School Chairs are made for young kids who sit on small chairs measuring 13-17” wide . They usually sit at tables and not individual desks.

Bouncybands for Desks are perfect for students who sit at standard size desks measuring 20-28” wide

Bouncybands for Middle and High School chairs are ideal for older students who sit on standard chairs whose legs are 17’-24” wide

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We Welcome Your Purchase Orders!  Please click Here for instructions.

Where can I obtain a W-9 form?

You may download our W-9 Form Here

How do you install a Bouncyband?

Bouncybands are easy to install in just a few seconds, please watch our Installation instructional videos for step by step guidance.

What are the dimensions of the Bounyband support pipes?

All Bouncyband support pipes are 1.5” in diameter. The support pipes for Bouncyband chairs are 4” high and the pipes for the desks are 8” high

Do Bouncybands make noise?

No. They are quiet and keep students’ hands free while they work.

Will my child’s teacher allow my child to have a Bouncyband on his/her desk?

Yes teachers love Bouncybands. We recommend however that you communicate with your child’s teacher. Here are some tips for your conversation.

Do you have any research showing that Bouncybands work?

A Clemson Study has shown that Bouncybands increase the average student’s attention approximately 10% equating to 35 minutes per school day.

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