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For Parents

We recommend that you don’t send in a bouncyband® to school with your child without consulting the teacher first. The teacher will likely think that it is a toy and it will be taken away. Instead, contact the teacher and request to schedule a conference.

In the conference:

  • Advise that a Clemson University Study concluded that students focus 10% more when they are using a bouncyband®

  • Explain how bouncybands help kids bounce their feet and stretch their legs to help them release their extra energy, anxiety, and stress and enable students to focus and work quietly in class

  • Share that your child is an active learner, frequently feels uncomfortable in class when sitting for long periods of time, and would greatly benefit from sensory relief during the day.

Responses to Teacher Concerns

If your teacher expresses reservations about your child having a bouncyband in class, consider these responses to common concerns:

“Having a bouncyband in class would cause a distraction”

"bouncybands are used quiety under the desk, so my child will have his/her hands free to work without anyone knowing that the bouncyband is being used."

“It would not be fair if your child gets one and the rest of the class doesn’t”

"I am happy to have other kids try out the bouncyband. If you think that other students will benefit from them as well we can set up a class fundraiser. Over 10,000 teachers have received grants through a DonorsChoose campaign and I would be glad to help you start one."