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Pop Up Portable Sensory Dark Den by Bouncyband®


The Pop-Up Portable Sensory Dark Den makes it simple to create a calm, every-changing environment for classroom and home use. Perfect for children who need a distraction free setting or stimulation via glowing objects. 

  • CALMING INFLUENCE: Create an interference-free mini sensory room. Designed to provide a quiet, dark cool down spot for children to relax and have time to regulate their sensory systems 
  • SENSORY COMFORT: Ideal for kids who become easily overwhelmed by sensory stimuli, and also for increasing stimulation by adding UV fiber optics, soothing mood lighting, or other light up and glow in the dark accessories 
  • SENSORY STIMULATION: Add plastic mirrors, rope lights & sensory materials to the walls & dangle ribbons or fabrics
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Portable, pop-up feature provides simple setup without poles, pegs, or ties
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Safely accommodates electrical cords. Ideal for use with projectors and illuminated toys

      Teachers say...

      "We are sitting now more than ever, which is really hard for my students... and me! Bouncyband® is here to help—I simply adore their tools. First week of in-person kindergarten and my students are loving them. I need to order more!"

      "I’m always looking for resources to improve my super smarties concentration and increase their focus. The Bouncyband® Wiggle Seat really does have a calming influence on my students as they sit, listen, attend to tasks & independently take movement breaks while actively sitting."

      "Bouncybands® take into account my students' physical development which allows them to wiggle while they work. They're beyond excited to have plenty of options to choose which flexible seating option works best for them."