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The Research Behind Our Products

Active Learning Tools & How They Work

A Bouncyband® is a patented active learning tool which enables greater focus and concentration. After easily attaching to school chair or desk legs, students bounce their feet on the Bouncyband® releasing excess energy without disturbing their classmates. This gentle motion relieves anxiety, stress, and boredom.

Why should students sit uncomfortably still for hours when they can utilize pent-up and nervous energy to:

  • Stimulate the whole brain to enable what is known as “active learning”
  • Improve focus
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improve memory by engaging more senses in experiences


    The Bouncyband® Study

    Using a Bouncyband doesn’t disrupt other students. Educators and parents have experienced the success their students have had with the Bouncyband, which has proven by an independent Clemson University Study (PDF) to be effective and improve behavior in the classroom. 

    The Wiggle While You Work study proved that while using a Bouncyband®, the average child is able to focus 10% more, which equates to 35 minutes each school day and countless more hours at home. Improved focus, better behavior, higher scores—the answer to every parent, educator, and kid's dreams. 


    The mental motivation you or a child can enjoy with a Bouncyband is actually based on the Yerkes-Dodson Law of psychology.  Studies show that when people engage more of their senses in experience, they remember it better. With a Bouncyband, the whole body is engaged, so more of the senses are.

    A Bouncyband really is an effective way to transform excess or nervous energy into mental achievement, as well as a healthy workout, and to inspire a tired mind with stimulating movement.



    Expanding Solutions for Teachers & Parents

    Inspired by the success of the Original Bouncyband®, we are driven to continue creating product solutions that help students achieve and maintain the optimal level of soothing or stimulation which increases academic performance.

    Passive Comfort Products & How They Work

    Similar to inventions like the hug machine/squeeze box, passive comfort products are designed to calm hypersensitive persons (including individuals with autism spectrum disorders). Therapeutic, stress-relieving devices may help all types of people reduce anxiety and sensory issues. Our Comfy Hugging Peapods & Weighted Blankets are designed with this in mind. For example, weighted blankets are used in occupational therapy in an attempt to help individuals improve their emotional and physical regulation. They are used in a type of occupational therapy called "sensory integration therapy," which helps people with autism or other mental conditions focus on sensory experiences.Weighted blankets are just one of the many tools occupational therapists use to provide "deep-touch pressure," a form of physical stimulation that, according to experts, may help individuals regulate their emotions and behavior. Source

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