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Our Story

The original Bouncyband® was created in 2014 by Scott Ertl, a school counselor in North Carolina, to help students have a way to move while seated in class so they wouldn't have to sit uncomfortably at their desks for 5–6 hours a day.  He wanted them to be able to stretch their legs, bounce, and give their feet a resting place instead of having them dangle all day from their chair.

Founder Scott Ertl


Today we design unique products that use movements to stimulate the brain and boost mental performance. Our products are developed to capture the proven benefits of the Yerkes-Dodson Law, which states that physical stimulation can improve and help achieve optimum mental performance when one is neither over-stimulated nor under-stimulated.

The Bouncyband® Study

A Clemson University study concluded that students using Bouncyband® tension bands stay on task for 10% longer and they are especially useful with high energy kids!

Children who were higher in passive off-task behaviors at the beginning of the study showed fewer off-task behaviors while using the bands.

Expanding Solutions for Teachers & Parents

The success of Bouncybands® inspired the development of our unique line of products for school, work and home that utilize subtle movements and pent up energy to motivate the mind and fuel concentration. They are fun to use and relieve stress resulting in a more effective work environment. These fidget tools stimulate the brain increasing focus, enhancing creativity and improving memory by engaging more senses in experiences.

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