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Why bouncybands work

Why bouncybands work

bouncybands have been clinically proven to improve students’ ability to focus and stay on task while moving their legs relieving anxiety, stress, frustration and boredom. These fun innovative bands allow students to release excess energy and concentrate by bouncing their feet and stretching their legs. Similarly when kids are bored, tired or disinterested bouncybands engage nerve endings on the bottom of their feet to generate ideas and encourage activity. bouncybands attach to a chair or desk in seconds.

The patented side supports keep the heavy-duty bands elevated and the kids can release the extra energy in class without disturbing others. The bands can’t slide down to the floor like competitive products do causing frustration for the student and teacher. Parents and teachers alike are amazed at how much more work kids can accomplish when they have a way to actively learn.

Kids love having the ability to move in class and not being forced to sit completely still for hours on end each day. Controlling their ability to relieve feelings of discomfort helps students perform better at class, be less tense and focus their attention when taking a test. bouncybands are a great way for kids to be able to enjoy school, enjoy learning and perform at a higher level.

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