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To Start a DonorsChoose Campaign

DonorsChoose Sample Application

Over 14,000 teachers have received free Bouncy Bands for their whole classroom thanks to DonorsChoose.org!

Setting up a DonorsChoose campaign is easy and takes just a few minutes: 

  • Go to DonorsChoose.org and use the sample application as a reference.
  • After completing the application, spread the word about your campaign.
  • Your students should have their whole family share the link to your campaign on their social media pages!
  • People can give as little as $1.00 and the tax-deductible donations are matched dollar for dollar during the first week.  
  • DonorsChoose will collect the money, purchase bouncyband® products directly and ship them to your school at no cost to you.

Start your campaign today!


Instructional Video Here: 

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